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Discover Hapro tanning equipment and experience the soothing effect of light. Enjoy an optimal wellness experience in the privacy of your own home with a tanning bed or canopy that perfectly suits your needs.

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The innovative Collagen Sun range features an advanced light concept. The benefits of red light and UV light combined result in an ideal blend for beauty and well-being. The red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, increasing the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and making it firmer. The red light also increases blood circulation, which intensifies the tanning process. In combination with a moderate UV dosage, this results in gorgeous tanning results.

wellness solaria

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With a Hapro tanning bed you'll experience the wonderfully large tanning area, user-friendly controls and professional light technology in the privacy of your own home. For a relaxing full-body wellness experience, a beautiful tan and a healthy vitamin D boost.

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The Hapro tanning canopies offer optimum flexibility and comfort, without compromising on space. After your tanning session, you simply put the canopy back into the space-saving resting position. Ideal when you only have limited space.


No room for a big tanning bed? A foldable tanning canopy is the perfect alternative. Quick and easy to unfold and just as quick folded back into compact form, after which you can easily store it in a cupboard or under your bed.


A radiant tan on your face, décolleté and shoulders all year round? Invite the sun into your home with a Hapro facial tanner; a user-friendly and compact device for a beautiful tanning result.

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Choose sunny security! All our Hapro tanning devices comply with the strictest safety regulations and have the CE certification. In addition, our devices are carefully developed according to the latest standards for tanning equipment. This way, you are guaranteed of responsible tanning equipment for at home!

When using tanning equipment, always make sure that you use the session time that corresponds to your skin type. This information, a skin type table and a session times table, can be found in the user instructions of your tanning equipment. After determining your skin type, use the session times table to determine how long you can tan responsibly per session.

Two year warranty

Not that you'll need it. Hapro sets high standards on materials and production processes. Everything is thoroughly checked to meet strict production standards. As a result, Hapro can guarantee an excellent quality of all products.

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How does my skin get a tan?

When sunbathing, your skin cells are stimulated to produce pigment. This is done to protect the tissue directly under the skin from the effects of UV radiation. Pigment cells produce the coloring melanin: a substance that protects the skin cells against burning. The top layer of the skin thickens and turns brown. The more naturally pigmented the skin is, the more resistant it is to the action of ultraviolet light. Your skin type, the extent to which your skin has already built up pigment and how long the skin has been able to get used to the UV light determine how long you can enjoy the sun without burning.

What should I think about before going under the sunbed?
  1. You will find a skin type table in the user manual of your device. Use this table to determine which skin type you have and stick to the corresponding session time.
  2. Remove jewelry, cosmetics and perfume. Some medicines and beauty products contain substances that can cause unwanted reactions in combination with sunbathing. Other substances sometimes have a similar effect. In the user manual of your device you will find a list of a number of substances that can react with UV rays. Consult this list before sunbathing.
Do I have to build up my tanning sessions?

Both when sunbathing in the outdoor sun and when sunbathing under a sunbed, it is a good idea to build up the sessions slowly. Because sunbed lamps, just like the natural sun, provide both UVA light (direct pigmentation) and UVB light (indirect pigmentation and skin thickening), the sunbed can be used to prepare the skin for a sun holiday or the new outdoor season. By not suddenly exposing the skin to sunlight for a long time after months of little sunlight, you reduce the risk of severe reactions such as sunburn or a sun allergy. It is most ideal when the skin can get used to UV light. This is possible with a tanning bed, because the session time can be adjusted exactly to your own skin type and you can build up the sessions according to the tanning of your skin. 

Is UV light from the sun the same as UV light from the tanning bed?

One of the biggest misunderstandings about the sunbed is that the light from the lamps is completely different from the sunlight outside. Just like the natural sun, modern tanning lamps provide a combination of UVA and UVB. Filters prevent UVC from coming out of the lamps, just as outside the ozone layer acts as a filter for the sun. The strength of the tanning beds can be compared with the strength of the midday sun in the Mediterranean. In contrast to the sun outside, with the tanning bed lamps it is always clear how much sunlight is reaching the skin. This allows you to enjoy the sun responsibly, without getting burned.

Does a tanning bed consume a lot of electricity?

A tanning bed consumes relatively little power. For example, a sunbed with 10 100 Watt lamps consumes only 0.5 kWh during a tanning session of half an hour. In comparison: a washing machine needs an average of 2 kWh of energy for a 90 degree wash.