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Luxura VEGAZ

Not for gamblers. For winners.

Innovative light technology, a breathtaking design and sensational quality, that is what the Luxura VEGAZ stands for; the premium model within the Luxura range of professional tanning equipment. Both the dimensions and the design are overwhelming, and every detail has been carefully designed. New technological developments result in amazing energy efficiency and smart innovations create an ultimate comfortable and relaxing tanning experience.

Vegaz UV LED Tanning booster

LED there be light

The 120 LEDs in the VEGAZ UV-LED Tanning Booster realize an immediately visible and better tanning effect. Thanks to a unique reflector housing, the LED light is optimally spread over the face.

Smart and efficient

With the unique IP Control 2 system, each lamp can be adjusted individually; lamps further away from the body are given more power to compensate for the distance from the body.

Vegaz Phone holder

Intense tanning

An optimal balance of UVA and UVB results in intense pigmentation. Combined with the red lamps, the PREMIUM lamps create excellent tanning results, with a touch of skin care.

Foto: Bram Saeys; Vedicium VDL Hapro My Luxura Vegaz

Ultimate control

Discover how to maximize the use of your tanning beds and save costs at the same time with MyLuxura; the management and service portal in the cloud that enables direct contact with Luxura tanning beds.


Real-time insight and control

MyLuxura gives you real-time insight and control over the well-being and maintenance status of your tanning beds. Anytime and anywhere. An essential management and service portal in the cloud that allows you to reduce costs, maximise performance and perform quick and easy diagnostics.

Read more and discover whether MyLuxura is also available for your Luxura sunbed.

MyLuxura Vegaz

Perfectly equipped

for your success

Elegant and innovative tanning beds that are essential in every tanning salon, fitness chain or wellness center; those are Luxura sunbeds. The premium brand for professional tanning salons worldwide. Pure elegance, perfect quality and an eye-catching design go hand in hand with the most prestigious performance thanks to advanced features and functionalities.

Choose from both horizontal and vertical models ranging from a perfect entry-level model to a sunbed of the highest class. Whether you are looking for the showpiece of your salon, or the perfect addition to your current range, Luxura tanning beds are a must-have for every tanning studio or fitness chain and provide both the sun lover and the entrepreneur with the best of the best.

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Tanning beds

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Tanning and skin care in one

Vegaz Phone holder

Red PREMIUM lamps...

… activate with their collagen light a revitalizing skin care process thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production in the skin.

Blue PREMIUM lamps...

… result with their deep blue light, within an inventive light spectrum and an optimal balance of UVA and UVB thanks to the use of special blue phosphorus, in higher direct pigmentation.

The result of the combination of red and blue PREMIUM lamps is more than just tanning or skin care. By combining both light spectrums, the Luxura Highbrid models achieve ultimate direct pigmentation. The red, collagen light activates a revitalizing skin care process and stimulates blood circulation in the skin. In combination with blue UV light in an inventive light spectrum, this results in a higher direct pigmentation and therefore a more intensive tanning result. For a beautiful, natural complexion and soft, supple skin.

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Discover Luxura's amazing wellness features:

Qsens is naturally refreshing. A fine water mist is spread over the face and body, if desired on an interval basis, for a sensational refreshment during the tanning session. This feature is easily turned on and off during the tanning session via the control panel.

For a complete wellness experience you can enjoy a delicious scent while tanning with Xsens. The user selects a scent at the start of the session via the control panel, but can easily switch during the session if desired. Available in the fragrances Ocean, Blossom and Sandalwood.

Maxlight PREMIUM

Lamp innovation has been taken to the next level with Maxlight PREMIUM. Thanks to the use of special blue phosphorus, PREMIUM lamps create a deep blue light within an inventive light spectrum with an optimal balance of UVA and UVB. This results in an extraordinarily intense pigmentation. In addition, Maxlight PREMIUM lamps produce a technically superior UV balance over the entire length of the lamp for a perfect, even tan.

In combination with the red PREMIUM lamps, this results in an intense tan with a touch of skin care. The light spectrum and the positioning of the blue and red lamps are perfectly matched and guarantee a beautiful, intense tan.

Climate Control

With Climate Control you can easily set the desired temperature, which then remains constant during the entire tanning session.

Air extraction

There are various options available for removing warm air.
As standard, the air is exhausted through a central point at the back of the sunbed, after which it is directed backwards or upwards from the cabin.

With the premium sunbeds, however, it is also possible to opt for the beautiful Air Tower, which is placed at the back of the sunbed, and gives the whole a nice finish. A third option is to choose a combination of Air Tower with a smart air return system (WRS) including a thermostat. The status of the system can then be read at any time by means of the indicator mounted in the Air Tower.

Full color display

Discover the stylish full color display! A real eye-catcher that allows the user to navigate through all options with the greatest of ease. Thanks to clear icons in the smart touch menu, the various options can easily be set as desired. At the same time, the display provides access to additional functionalities, such as settings and parameters. The display is practically positioned on all models and is also well protected behind the acrylic sheet.

IP Control and IP Control II

IP Control is Luxura's unique 'Intelligent Power System' which creates greater energy efficiency. This intelligent add-on software keeps control over the power supply of the lamps and ensures that the output of the lamps is constant throughout their life. The system also monitors the optimal (and EU-recommended) values within 0.3 Watt/m2 and UV Type III. When allowed by national legislation, the lamps can also be tuned for a higher performance.

IP Control reduces the overall energy consumption by 25% and also extends the life of the lamps by up to 1500 burning hours. The result; lower costs for the entrepreneur!

The new IP Control II (now only available for VEGAZ) also creates the possibility to control each lamp individually, so that lamps further away from the body can be supplied with more current to compensate for the distance from the body. from the body. This ensures that every part of the body is supplied with the same 0.3 W/m2 dose of UV light.

Ergonomically shaped surface

Enjoy pure comfort with ContourPlus; a comfortable and ergonomically shaped acrylic sheet perfectly supports the entire body while tanning.

Ambient Flowlight

Enjoy the colorful Ambient Flowlight. Give the high-quality design an irresistible appeal and illuminate the room with an attractive play of colors where the various colors flow beautifully into each other. If desired, one constant color shade can also be set, so that the sunbed fits perfectly with the rest of the salon. Truly an eye-catcher!

Ambient Flowlight offers fifteen programs for beautiful color effects or thirty constant color tones.

Facial tanners and filters

Discover our facial tanners and lamp filters:

UV LED Tanning Booster
Specially designed for a maximum performance increase of the light spectrum, the Luxura VEGAZ UV-LED tanning booster takes facial tanning to a new level; an immediately visible and improved tanning effect. By means of a unique reflector housing, the LED light is distributed evenly and optimally over the face. Another benefit; thanks to the strong combination of LEDs and the high pressure facial tanner, the output of the facial tanner remains the same throughout its life.

BPS: Balanced Power System
A special filter for the SLi facial tanner. This combination of lamps with reflective filter glass has been specifically designed to achieve the optimal balance between UVA and UVB within the 0.3 W/m2 standard. In addition, BPS allows a small amount of infrared light to pass through to give the skin extra stimulation and to give off a comfortable warmth.

HPS: High Power System
A special filter for the SLi facial tanner. An intense tanning result is guaranteed with the HPS filter. The filter is developed to transmit the most effective combination of UVA, UVB and infrared light. This strong combination ensures an intense tan and immediate results.

Audio system

Pump up the volume with SoundAround Plus! Enjoy ultimate relaxation during your tanning session with great surround sound music. SoundAround Plus offers four external audio channels that can be connected by the owner's choice. This feature also includes SmartVoice, My MP3, four speakers, a subwoofer, Bluetooth and two pre-programmed SD cards that contain two extra internal music channels, consisting of either relax, energetic or your own pre-programmed music.

The SmartVoice feature includes a friendly voice that guides the user through the various options and functions of the tanning bed. SmartVoice is available in several languages.

Thanks to the Luxura Bluetooth system, users can wirelessly stream their own music during the tanning session. With a smartphone or tablet you can easily connect to the Bluetooth transmitter of the sunbed. Unique to this system is the option as an operator to set the number of the cabin or sunbed and the access code, so that the user can quickly and easily make the correct connection. Also convenient: while streaming, the user can simply receive incoming calls. At the end of the tanning session, the Bluetooth connection is automatically disconnected.

MyLuxura Portal

Discover how to maximize the use of your tanning beds and save costs at the same time with MyLuxura; the management and service portal in the cloud that enables direct contact with Luxura tanning beds.

For an easy overview of the performance of your tanning beds, managing service statuses and continuously promoting optimal and problem-free use of the tanning beds. The data is easily available within a secure log-in environment and can be downloaded directly from the portal. Wherever you are, your data is always available and presented in clear overviews and tables. Insight into the lifespan of lamps and acrylic sheets, and an indication when they should be replaced for optimal use, software updates via WiFi and online radio are just a few of the many possibilities that MyLuxura offers.


The premium model of Luxura VEGAZ is equipped with a shoulder tanner. The VEGAZ therefore offers THE solution for parts of the body that are more difficult to tan. The integrated shoulder tanner, together with the new highlight of the VEGAZ, the neck reflector, guarantees the perfect tanning result in the neck and shoulder area.


The Luxura VEGAZ is available in 3 attractive colours: Elite Gold, Dynamic Red and Stylish Silver.


For an instant fabulous Luxura experience in your tanning salon, our Luxura merchandising is essential. Our merchandising range covers everything you might need in your tanning studio and items which you can give your customers as a nice, little treat.