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Are you ready for THE revolution in tanning that gives you 50% energy-savings and 100% tanning power? Yes! Less really is more, thanks to groundbreaking technical innovations and a unique combination of UV-A and UV-B LED technology. The Luxura Jewel is the latest model at the top of Luxura's range and excels in many facets. New technology and groundbreaking innovative developments create a spectacular tanning experience with excellent tanning results.


Full-LED facial tanner

This facial tanner is made to shine! Specially developed for a huge performance improvement with UVA PowerLEDs, UVB PowerLEDs, red LEDs and yellow LED light. Powerful LEDs in an innovative spectrum for a high tanning effect and also a great energy saver.


BOS Tanning Booster

The Jewel guarantees an unprecedentedly fast tan thanks to the powerful BOS Tanning boosters; unique tanning boosters with a high direct pigmentation value, evenly distributed over the entire sofa and canopy. Each Jewel is equipped with 13 BOS Tanning boosters and each booster is equipped with 25 UVA PowerLEDs and 25 red LEDs.

LED neck and shoulder tanner

A completely new extension not only gives the Jewel an iconic look, but also paves the way for the use of LED on the parts of the body that are more difficult to tan; the shoulders and neck. Powerful UVA PowerLEDs, UVB PowerLEDs, red LEDs and a uniquely designed reflector in the bench guarantee the perfect tanning result.

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50% energy saving,
100% tanning power

The Jewel sets the bar extra high when we talk about energy savings. With an energy saving of up to 50% compared to the energy consumption in the Vegaz, we are pushing all boundaries. We keep energy consumption low with new, innovative technology and smart solutions.

Luxura VEGAZ

Not for gamblers. For winners.

Innovative light technology, a breathtaking design and sensational quality, that is what the Luxura VEGAZ stands for; the premium model within the Luxura range of professional tanning equipment. Both the dimensions and the design are overwhelming, and every detail has been carefully designed. New technological developments result in amazing energy efficiency and smart innovations create an ultimate comfortable and relaxing tanning experience.

Vegaz UV LED Tanning booster

UV LED Tanning Booster

The 120 LEDs in the VEGAZ UV-LED Tanning Booster realize an immediately visible and better tanning effect. Thanks to a unique reflector housing, the LED light is optimally spread over the face.

Smart IP Control

With the unique IP Control 2 system, each lamp can be adjusted individually; lamps further away from the body are given more power to compensate for the distance from the body.

Vegaz Phone holder

UV and collagen light

An optimal balance of UVA and UVB results in intense pigmentation. Combined with the red lamps, the PREMIUM lamps create excellent tanning results, with a touch of skin care.

Photo: Bram Saeys; Vedicium VDL Hapro My Luxura Vegaz

myluxura portal

Discover how to maximize the use of your tanning beds and save costs at the same time with MyLuxura; the management and service portal in the cloud that enables direct contact with Luxura tanning beds.


Real-time insight and control

MyLuxura gives you real-time insight and control over the well-being and maintenance status of your tanning beds. Anytime and anywhere. An essential management and service portal in the cloud that allows you to reduce costs, maximise performance and perform quick and easy diagnostics.

Read more and discover whether MyLuxura is also available for your Luxura sunbed.

MyLuxura Vegaz

high brid

Tanning and skin care in one

Vegaz Phone holder

The result of the combination of red and blue PREMIUM lamps is more than just tanning or skin care. By combining both light spectrums, the Luxura Highbrid models achieve ultimate direct pigmentation. The red, collagen light activates a revitalizing skin care process and stimulates blood circulation in the skin. In combination with blue UV light in an inventive light spectrum, this results in a higher direct pigmentation and therefore a more intensive tanning result. For a beautiful, natural complexion and soft, supple skin.

Blue PREMIUM lamps...

… result with their deep blue light, within an inventive light spectrum and an optimal balance of UVA and UVB thanks to the use of special blue phosphorus, in higher direct pigmentation.

Red PREMIUM lamps...

… activate with their collagen light a revitalizing skin care process thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production in the skin.

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X and V.

The Luxura X and V tanning beds are a must have for every tanning studio or fitness chain. With a choice of both horizontal and vertical models and variation from entry-level to luxury model, this range offers something for everyone.

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For an instant fabulous Luxura experience in your tanning salon, our Luxura merchandising is essential. Our merchandising range covers everything you might need in your tanning studio and items which you can give your customers as a nice, little treat.