Luxura X3 Collagen Sun

Pearl White

The ultimate combination of skin care and tanning goes perfectly with professional sun luxury that you normally only find in the tanning studio; for anyone who also wants to enjoy a luxurious, professional wellness experience at home.

The Luxura X3 Collagen Sun is a device from our professional tanning line, but made suitable for home use thanks to the option to connect the device to mains power. Thanks to the Collatan® lamps and the Highbrid filter in the facial tanner, it is a wonderful sofa for an ultimate wellness experience at home, but of course the device is also ideal for use in a spa or beauty environment.

2 years

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The standard body cooler at the foot end ensures a pleasant temperature while tanning.


The Luxura X3 is equipped with EcoPower as standard. An electronic ballast not only optimizes the configuration of the lamps, but also provides energy savings of approximately 25%.


The extra-long lamps with a length of two meters guarantee an even tan from head to toe, regardless of the height of the sun lover.


The user can adjust all settings (before and during the session) thanks to the user-friendly control panel.


For extra skin care in the face, the powerful facial tanner is equipped with a Highbrid filter; a collagen-boosting filter from the professional Luxura line. The filter glass is specially designed to allow extra red light to pass through so that elastin and collagen production in the face and décolleté is extra stimulated.


This device contains Collatan® lamps; an advanced light technology that combines red light skin care therapy with UV light for an intensive tan with a touch of skin care.

The X3 Collagen Sun is equipped with 10 Collatan lamps of 120W and 6 Collatan lamps of 100W in the sky, and 14 Collatan lamps of 120W in the sofa. For extra skin care in the face, the 300W high-pressure facial tanner is equipped with a Highbrid filter.

Technical information

Luxura X3 Collagen Sun
Tubes10 x Maxlight Collatan XL 120W-R
6 x Maxlight Collatan 100W-R
14 x Maxlight Collatan XL 120W-R
Face tanner1 x Maxlight 300W
Body coolerYes
Hour counterYes
UV-protection goggles (2 pairs)
Power3.4 kW kW
Fuses1 x 16A
Weight220 kg
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