Brilliant Black
Pure White

The Hapro Zenith is in a league of its own. Full attention has been given to design, aerodynamics, reliability, safety and ease of use. With an exclusive eye for detail and the use of only the most advanced materials, the Zenith is without a doubt a worthwhile investment in your travel comfort. Carefree and safe travelling combines with sheer elegance for a roof box with a wow-effect.


Dimensions outside215 x 88 x 37
Dimensions inside210 x 83 x 36
Contents440 liters
Weight23.5 kg
Max. allowed load75 kg
OpeningLeft and right
Central locking system
Mounting systemPremium-Fit
Suitable for skis± 7-8
Metal reinforcement profile
Warranty5 years

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The Zenith is available in three luxurious colours: Brilliant Black, Pure White and Anthracite. The strong and impact-resistant material is extremely UV-resistant, so that your roof box will retain its color even under the most extreme conditions.


Mounting the roof box on the roof racks of the car is done in no time thanks to the patented Premium-Fit quick fastening system. This simple system consists of one complete unit, so you don't have to deal with separate brackets and other accessories. With a simple turn of the knob you operate the clamps that grip firmly around the roof bars.
The 'fixed is fixed' protection is handy: as soon as the point is reached where the claws are tightened enough and the roof bars are firmly enclosed, the system makes a rattling sound. Secure the confirmation at the push of a button and you're on your way safely.

The system fits perfectly on any type of roof rack with a maximum width of 95 mm. A T-slot adapter is also available for mounting on aluminum roof bars.


The central three-point locking system closes the case firmly and completely in three places. You lock the Zenith with one simple movement of the key. As an extra security measure, the key can only be removed when the roof box is properly locked.


Loading and unloading the Zenith is very easy thanks to the dual function of the dynamic buckling springs. The lid opens easily and remains in the optimal position immediately, while you load or unload your belongings. When you close the roof box, the folding springs pull the lid down at the last moment for a perfect seal.

The Zenith can be opened from either side. A comfortable feature that provides optimum convenience when mounting the roof box and when loading and unloading the luggage.


Two metal profiles run over the full length of the bottom, which ensure optimum strength and stability.


The Zenith's flat and aerodynamic shape is designed to cut through the wind, significantly reducing wind noise. The recessed bottom gives less air resistance and ensures that the car and roof box fit together perfectly.


The back of the Zenith is a real eye-catcher. The stainless steel diffuser has an inverted V shape; a nice addition to the lines of the V-shape in the lid. The unique design and the high-quality materials provide a distinctive and extremely elegant look.


The Hapro Zenith is the sublime solution for anyone who wants to combine extra space with pure elegance. Nothing about this roof box will detract from the design of your car. Whether you go on a skiing holiday with the family or spend the weekend sailing with friends; the Zenith offers you all the space, security and comfort you need.

The combination of modern design, intelligent features, state-of-the-art materials and an eye for detail is a feast for the eyes. The Zenith's handsome appearance matches the latest trends in automotive; the exciting lines and aerodynamic design are pleasing to the eye. The recessed bottom ensures that the car and roof box fit together beautifully, for the perfect image.

5 years

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Dimensions outside191 x 80 x 37215 x 88 x 37
Dimensions inside186 x 75 x 36210 x 83 x 36
Contents360 liters440 liters
Weight19 kg23.5 kg
Max. allowed load75 kg75 kg
OpeningLeft and rightLeft and right
Central locking system
Mounting systemPremium-FitPremium-Fit
Suitable for skis± 6± 7-8
Metal reinforcement profile
Warranty5 years5 years
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