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HIT THE ROAD with a Hapro bike carrier.

And take your bike with you!

Hit the road with even more ease with the completely renewed Hapro bike carrier range. The Atlas Active, Atlas Premium and Atlas Premium XFold are all well thought-out, reliable carriers that easily carry your bikes on the towbar of your car. E-bikes are also no problem for these all-rounders.

Do you prefer to transport your bikes on the roof of your car? Then the Hapro Giro is ideal! This lightweight powerhouse takes your bike safely and comfortably to any destination and is easy to fold for less air resistance when you're not transporting a bike.

Taking along the bikes? It's never been easier!


Thanks to numerous smart features and simple mounting systems, Hapro bike carriers score high on ease of use and reliability.



Safety is always our top priority. Our Hapro bike carriers are therefore thoroughly tested and certified in accordance with the strict RDW E4 safety regulations.



Wide wheelbase? E-bike? No problem! Within our range of bike carriers you will probably always find a carrier that is suitable for your bicycle.


Placing your bicycles on a bike carrier can sometimes be quite hard. That is why we have ramps available for all of our bike carriers. Very convenient!

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Easy to load
thanks to convenient ramps

Placing your bicycles on a bike carrier can sometimes be quite hard, especially in the case of the somewhat heavier E-bikes. The use of a ramp is ideal and that is why we have ramps available for all of our bike carriers.

completely safe.

With a Hapro bike carrier you are assured of a reliable partner. Before we introduce a new bike carrier, it is of course subjected to a series of tests; nothing is left to chance. All of our carriers pass these tests with flying colors and are certified by the RDW. You can therefore confidently put your bicycles on one of our carriers.

Three year warranty.

Not that you'll need it. Hapro sets high standards on materials and production processes. Everything is thoroughly checked to meet strict production standards. As a result, Hapro can guarantee an excellent quality of all products.

carry on
with a Hapro bike carrier.

Hapro is here for every cycling enthusiast. For those who tour from village to village, for those who go on pleasant day trips and for those action seekers mountainbiking through the forest. Whether you go out alone, with your partner or with the whole family, and whether you're searching for a good carrier for a great price or a robust, premium carrier that excels in ease of use and quality: every bike enthusiast will find his or her ideal bike carrier within the very complete Hapro range.

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Which bike carrier should I choose?

The choice of the type of bicycle carrier depends on the number of bicycles you want to transport. What is the weight of the bicycles you want to transport. And whether you need a 7 or 13 pin plug.

How many bicycles can I transport with a Hapro bike carrier?

Hapro has a wide range of bicycle carriers. With Hapro's family carrier, the Hapro Atlas Active, you can transport up to four bicycles. The trusted Hapro Atlas Premium is good for transporting up to three bicycles and with the Hapro Atlas XFold you can transport at least 2 bicycles.

What is the weight of the bicycles you want to transport?

The maximum load of a Hapro bicycle carrier is 30-60 kg (depending on the bicycle carrier model). The towbar load prescribed by the car manufacturer (see vehicle registration certificate or owner's manual for the exact weight) must never be exceeded.

Can I open the trunk without removing my bicycles?

Almost all Hapro bicycle carriers are tiltable. The bike carriers have a tilt angle of 59-79° (depending on the bike carrier model). In many cars it is possible to open the trunk without removing the bicycle carrier from the towbar. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this for every vehicle.

What is the difference between a bicycle carrier with a 13-pin connection and a bicycle carrier with a 7-pin connection?

The difference between a 7- and 13-pin connection is that bicycle carriers with a 13-pin connection have additional functions. Think of reversing lights and rear fog lights.